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1 09 2012

Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at any Age by Nadia Giordana (available at

Then I Am Strong by Meg Corrigan (available at

Thinking Skinny by Nadia Giordana  (available at

The 3-volume documentary Journal, 10,000 Days In Alaska, by Norman Wilkins (available at, books sold individually)

No Thank You, I’d Rather Be Myself by Nadia Giordana (buy the paperback book or get it in hardcover)

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Let’s face it, if you decide to self-publish, or even if you get a small press publisher (like us) to handle the mechanics of getting your book into print, you will have to do the lion’s share of the marketing and promotional work yourself.

That being said, we are including links here to the some of the best informational articles on the Internet as we find them.

The Amazon vs. Book Publishers Controversy

13 11 2014

I’m just the messenger: Is Amazon really doing the world a favor by crushing book publishers? “Here is a little real talk about the book publishing industry–it adds almost no value, it is going to be wiped off the face of the earth soon, and writers and readers will be better off for it.” ~Matthew Yglasias ” Read article here.

What you should know about ISBN numbers and ebooks

6 05 2013

I just came across this very good article about ebooks and the changing requirements with regard to ISBN numbers. It is written by Sheyna Galyan, Yotzeret Publishing, and it is a must read:

eBook Fabricators has found favor with emerging authors

2 03 2013

cover_maineBook Fabricators has found favor with some authors I know; enough that I feel comfortable mentioning the service here. If you are struggling with getting your book formatted as an eBook, check them out. The following paragraph is taken directly from their website in the interest of accuracy:

“We provide eBook formatting for ePub, Kindle (mobi), and PDF. All files are guaranteed to work. Technical  verifications are done using ePubCheck and several custom in-house preflight solutions. All metadata is hand-coded for accuracy, meeting or exceeding all uploading and cataloging requirements. Copyright data will be changed (if need be) to reflect the  unique ISBN and other information assigned to each specific format being  produced.”

Looking for inspiration?

17 11 2012

I feel like writing, but I’m not sitting idle waiting for inspiration to choose me today. I’m going out to find it, drag it back to my studio and make it sing for me.” –Nadia Giordana

Beware the Interminable Agency Clause

29 04 2011

From Writer Beware, a respected publishing industry watchdog group: an “interminable agency clause” (sometimes called an “interminable rights clause” or a “perpetual agency clause”) is language inserted into an author-agency agreement whereby the agency claims the right to remain the agent of record not just for the duration of any contracts it negotiates, but for the life of copyright. In other words, once your agent sells your book, the agency has the right to represent that book for as long as the book is in copyright (currently, in the USA, Australia, and most of Europe, your life plus 70 years)–even after the original publishing contract has expired, and even if your original agent leaves the agency.

Why is this a problem? (to read the complete article, CLICK HERE.)

ISBN 101 for Self-Publishers

28 04 2011

Anyone who self-puplishes or is considering it, should read this important article from The Book Designer. MORE…